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Cleveland Heights continues to explore water options

The City of Cleveland Heights announced May 27 that no action will be taken at this time on the Letter of Intent (LOI) regarding a proposed partnership with Aqua Ohio to manage the city's water utility. It made this announcement following a public forum held on May 26 at the Cleveland Heights Community Center, which more than 200 residents attended.

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Volume 8, Issue 7, Posted 5:10 PM, 05.27.2015

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Public Forum on CH water services to be held May 26
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CH holds Memorial Day event May 25
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Cleveland Youth Rowing accepting registrations for summer programs
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Nature Center at Shaker Lakes hosts summer benefit on June 6
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Cleveland Shakespeare Festival opens 18th season of free outdoor theater in Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Park on June 5
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Heights Music Hop combines forces with local music festivals

Festivalgoers enjoy live music at the 2014 Larchmere PorchFest. This year's event is scheduled for June 20. [photo by Josh Gerken]

Three local music festivals have gained prominence in recent years. Larchmere PorchFest, in the Larchmere neighborhood near Shaker Square; Brite Winter Festival, in Ohio City; and Heights Music Hop, in the Cedar Lee Business District of Cleveland Heights, have each drawn large crowds with their unique blends of live music and area-centric culture. There are many commonalities between the three organizations, each being formed in a similar grassroots fashion and with organizers asking the questions, “What if?” and “Why not?” Now, through collaboration, these three festivals have gained staying power in Cleveland’s cultural scene.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 2:08 PM, 05.29.2015

Zagara's event raised funds for food bank

To the Editor:

The efforts and generosity of Zagara's patrons and employees are to be applauded as the results of the Harvest for Hunger at Zagara's Marketplace, during the month of March, are revealed:

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 1:59 PM, 05.29.2015

City should invest in renewable energy

To the Editor,

As a proud citizen of Cleveland Heights, I love the culture of social and environmental consciousness which the city holds dear; however, I believe we can do better. We have made strides in recycling, support of local business, locally grown foods, and so on, but one aspect where we've neglected to pay much attention is renewable energy. Cleveland has been making progress in this important area and has gotten good publicity for it, but now I think it's time we join in to be a more eco-friendly, sustainable community.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 1:57 PM, 05.29.2015

Schools build the future

Susie Kaeser

Strike up the band. Bring on the fireworks. Shout from the rooftops: They did it! We did it!

June 1 was graduation day for Cleveland Heights High School’s Class of 2015. Another cadre of young people just took the next step into adulthood. This month marks their transition out of the protective, demanding, encouraging and at times difficult environment of school into the bigger world.

We can all celebrate. As the owners of our public schools, we have provided these young people the opportunity to flourish.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 1:54 PM, 05.29.2015

The inequity of social spaces in the CH-UH school community

When considering the complexities of educational policy in diverse urban settings, the writings of Pierre Bourdieu resonate with a particular saliency. Strongly acclimatized to hierarchies of power, attentive to conflict, and always contextualized to setting, Bourdieu notes that “social space”—that congested, conversant world of the political, the sociological and the ideological—is limited by a stratification imposed by the elite. In order to maintain power, highly positioned players will ensure, even tacitly, that others’ access is limited. Bourdieu argues that this capriciousness buoys those with the most privilege and allows perpetual inequality to cycle through sociocultural structures.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 1:51 PM, 05.29.2015

Senior Citizen Happenings

Senior Citizen Happenings, sponsored by the City of University Heights, are open to all senior citizens. Events take place on Thursdays at 2 p.m. at the University Heights Library. For information, and to suggest program topics, contact the UH Office for Senior Services at 216-397-0336 or To receive the monthly schedule by e-mail, call 216-932-7800, ext. 205, or send an e-mail to

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 1:49 PM, 05.29.2015

FutureHeights and CHPD to host forum on policing in Cleveland Heights

CH Police Chief Jeffrey Robertson discusses policing issues with residents at a FutureHeights event in 2012.

“Understanding Policing in Cleveland Heights,” an open forum with Cleveland Heights Police Chief Jeffrey Robertson and other representatives of the CHPD, will be held 7–8:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 9, at the Cleveland Heights Community Center.

Hosted by FutureHeights, the event will help residents understand how the police department is evolving to protect and improve public safety in Cleveland Heights.

Topics will include the use of software and other technologies to track and prevent crime; improvements in data collection and analysis; management strategies that are being applied within the department; and activities to foster closer connections between the department and the community it serves. Ample time will be reserved for questions.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 1:46 PM, 05.29.2015

Cleveland Heights crime rates continue slide in first quarter of 2015

All violent crimes and all property crimes reported during the first three months of each year, since 2011.

Data for the first quarter of 2015 shows a continuing decline in crime in Cleveland Heights across most categories. The summary data for the period January through March was released by the Cleveland Heights Police Department in mid-May, and represents all so-called "Part I" crimes, which are serious offenses as defined by the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting system.

In the first three months of the year, total violent crime was down 50 percent from the same period last year, and was 70 percent below the peak year of 2012.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 1:43 PM, 05.29.2015

Alcazar Hotel

The Alcazar Hotel, ca. 1930. [courtesy City of Cleveland Heights]

In the 1920s, Spanish and other Mediterranean architectural styles permeated American design. As Michael Rotman, Cleveland Heights Historical Society’s executive director, discovered, Shaker Heights architect Bloodgood Tuttle, like his clients the Van Sweringens, disapproved of Italian- and Spanish-style houses being built in Cleveland. Tuttle declared them “better left in Florida and California” because “they are intended to keep out the sun while we want to let it in.”

If Mediterranean styles were better suited to the nation’s semitropical margins, they nonetheless crept into Northeast Ohio. The Alcazar Hotel, a designated Cleveland Heights Landmark property since 1978, is among the region’s most notable Mediterranean-influenced buildings.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 1:38 PM, 05.29.2015

Heights historical photo of the month

Photo courtesy City of Cleveland Heights.

Warm weather means it's time for ice cream! In the past, Cleveland Heights residents seeking a cold treat would head to their nearest corner drug store and have a seat at the soda fountain that served up ice cream sodas, egg creams, sundaes and cones.

The photograph above, taken in the late 1930s, shows Marshall's Drugs in the Douglas Building, which still stands on the northwest corner of Cedar and Lee roads.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 1:37 PM, 05.29.2015

CH master gardener helps organize annual benefit plant sale

Lois Rose at Secrest Arboretum in Wooster, on a chilly May day.

For even the most casual of gardeners, purchasing new plants is among the many rites of spring.

In Greater Cleveland, one of the most anticipated spring plant sales is the annual Master Gardener (MG) Plants in the Park sale, which will take place this year on June 6, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at 6363 Selig Drive, Kiwanis Pavilion, in Independence. The event offers free admission, and plenty of parking.

Lois Rose, a Cleveland Heights resident and master gardener volunteer, is one of the organizers of this year’s sale, which benefits the programs of the Master Gardeners of Cuyahoga County.

“Plants at the Plants in the Park sale come mostly from the gardens of master gardeners, while annuals come from Green Circle Growers [in Oberlin]. There will be a wide variety of plants—perennials, herbs, annuals, shrubs, trees, houseplants and vegetables,” said Rose. “Plants will be priced from $1 to $10, with some a bit more if they are very large or unusual. There are also wonderful containers filled with annuals created by MGs.”

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 11:08 AM, 05.29.2015

GrowingHeights seeks new coordinator

Gardeners are drawn to the restorative energy of soil, sunshine, sky, water, plants and, ultimately, eating the fruits and vegetables of their labor. However, gardening alone in one’s backyard can be isolating. The alternative: community gardening.

Here in the Heights, gardeners can connect with one another through GrowingHeights (formerly Heights Community Garden Network), where individual and community gardeners come together to share information, resources, food and friendship.

Samantha Provencio has been the coordinator of GrowingHeights for two years. During that time, she has combined her experience as a gardener and garden leader with her love of community-building, developing relationships with, and facilitating connections between, gardeners. Provencio has endeavored to make each community garden a gathering place, with the goal of becoming self-sufficient, with the network helping to achieve that goal.

This summer, Provencio is moving to Virginia with her family, and GrowingHeights is looking for a new coordinator.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 11:04 AM, 05.29.2015

McElfresh and McGaughey—saving lives with music

I’m always saying that the Heights Choir saved my life. It’s true. I was headed in the wrong direction. Probably a few wrong directions. And even though I’d been singing and performing music professionally since I was around 13 years old, I did not get into the choir in my first year of high school—which, in those years, was the 10th grade—because of my grades.

I brought my grades up a little, just enough, and auditioned for the choir at the end of 10th grade and was allowed in for the next school year. Not only was it going to be my first year in the choir, but it would also be that of our new director, Claire McElfresh, who had served for several years as the director of the Men’s Chorus and Girl’s Glee Club.

The choir began its year two weeks before the school year started, meeting twice a day for a couple of hours each time. The very first minute of the first of those sessions set me on a course I’m still following, nearly 50 years later.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 11:01 AM, 05.29.2015

Harry Bacharach has a lifelong love of music

Harry Bacharach at his home in University Heights.

Harry Bacharach started taking piano lessons when he was in first grade at Noble Elementary School in Cleveland Heights. Now, more than three decades later, he is a professional pianist and singer who plays all around Northeast Ohio.

Bacharach, 39, grew up in Cleveland Heights. His birth name was Ari Friedman. In addition to attending Noble Elementary, he also went to Monticello Middle School and Heights High, and sang in the choirs of all three schools. He dropped out of high school during his sophomore year, attended Taylor Academy in Cleveland Heights and then got his GED. He then attended the University of Oregon in Eugene, where he studied anthropology.

When he was a child, his parents were into music. “They always sang a lot,” said Bacharach. “They would sing at dinner, and that got me interested in music.”

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 10:58 AM, 05.29.2015

Hope Lutheran Church's 15th annual day camp gears up

Campers share their faith outdoors with counselor Anastasia Peltoay at a previous Hope camp. Photo courtesy Donald King.

Children who have completed sixth grade are invited to the 15th annual Christian day camp at Hope Lutheran Church, located at North Taylor and Northvale roads.  

The camp runs from June 29 to July 3, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is free, but registration is required. Families are asked to supply a brown-bag lunch. The church’s hospitality committee will keep them cold and serve them with Kool-Aid.

This year's theme is "A Love That Never Ends." Each day, Biblical stories will be told through the lives of Abraham, Moses and the Israelites, Ruth and Naomi, Jonah and the whale, and the prophet Jeremiah. Other activities will include outdoor games, indoor crafts, songs, skits, nature walks, a visit from the police and fire departments, snacks and more.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 8:43 AM, 05.29.2015

Disciples Christian Church is now the site of a Little Free Library

The Little Free Library at Disciples Christian Church.

Disciples Christian Church is pleased to be a steward of a new Little Free Library. Located on the church’s property at 3663 Mayfield Road in Cleveland Heights, this Little Free Library is accessible along the church’s driveway off of Yellowstone Road. 

The church is in the process of stocking the library with a variety of good quality books that hopefully will interest people in the neighborhood. People can stop by and take whichever book catches their fancy. They may keep the book or return it and, perhaps, donate another book to the library. Little Free Library books are always a gift and never for sale.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 8:40 AM, 05.29.2015

Jason Eugene-Boardé

Jason Eugene-Boardé

When my friend Joan told me about Burnt Toast Farms & Studio, we both thought the name had to have some hip meaning that eluded us simply because we were too old. Founder Jason Eugene-Boardé laughed out loud at this suggestion, explaining that he chose the name after reading an article about what to do with burnt toast, thinking it would make a good name for his farm and creative community space.

The name is an apt symbol for what Boardé values—using what he has no matter how humble—such as planting on the roof of the garage, in gutters attached to the wooden fence, in pallets attached to the walls of the house, and growing vegetables and flowers on what was the front lawn. Burnt Toast Farm is also a tango studio, a Sunday brunch venue and a place where you can learn to make a broom. Burnt Toast Farm, located at 2972 Yorkshire Road, is a typical Cleveland Heights home on a typical Cleveland Heights street, occupied by a very unusual person, who really lives “out of the box.”

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 8:36 AM, 05.29.2015

June 2 memorial will honor CH's Bill "Mr. Stress" Miller

Colin Dussault, musician and friend to Bill "Mr. Stress" Miller, is planning a memorial to the Cleveland blues legend who died on May 19 at his Musicians Towers apartment in Cleveland Heights.

Born in Cleveland in 1943, Miller went on to become a legendary bluesman and harmonica player.

"We are planning a memorial for him to be held on Tuesday, June 2, at the Euclid Tavern, 6–10 p.m.," said Dussault in an e-mail. "I anticipate a standing-room-only crowd to be on hand as myriad musicians join together to 'play their respects' to this beloved music icon."

Dussault has commissioned a black granite memorial plaque, to honor Miller's legacy. "I am in active conversations with the Rock Hall and owners of the building that houses the Euclid Tavern about having the plaque permanently affixed to one of those two edifices to honor him," said Dussault.

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Volume 8, Issue 7, Posted 11:16 AM, 05.26.2015

Musicians share experiences of living and working in the Heights

Moderator David Budin and the panelists at the Welcome Home Heights Musicians event (from left): David Budin, Scott Haigh, Charlie Mosbrook, Brendan O'Malley, Beth Woodside and Willie J. Wright. Photo by Andrea C. Turner.

Cleveland Heights is known as “Home to the Arts,” and six Heights musicians took part in a recent panel event, Welcome Home Heights Musicians, to recount their experiences as musicians who live, and often work, in the Heights community.

Organized by FutureHeights, Reaching Heights and Friends of Heights Libraries, the event took place on May 19 at Rockefeller’s, the restaurant and bar located in the historic Rockefeller Building on Mayfield Road.

The musicians represented a variety of musical styles, ranging from classical to folk, and gospel to “newgrass.”

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Volume 8, Issue 7, Posted 1:31 PM, 05.26.2015

CH resident turns love of knitting into a career

Hunter Hammersen's book Curls, which came out last year.

Hunter Hammersen first tried knitting when she was in college. She wanted to knit a scarf, and she didn’t enjoy it. A few years later, she tried knitting a scarf again, and she still didn’t like it. Then, in 2007, she knitted a pair of socks, and she really loved it. Since then, Hammersen has become “totally obsessed” with knitting, and has written seven books about the subject.

“It's a total rookie mistake to make a scarf for your first project,” Hammersen said. “A scarf is really long and can be terribly boring to create. I know plenty of experienced knitters who don't like knitting scarves, and expecting a beginner to get through one is wildly over-optimistic. Socks are more entertaining than scarves because you change what you're doing as you move along. Just as you're starting to lose interest, you start doing something new. They're much better for folks with short attention spans!”

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 7:00 PM, 05.28.2015

Maureen McGovern performs Cedar Fairmount benefit at Nighttown

Maureen McGovern

The Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District is working on plans for streetscape improvements for the Cedar Fairmount Business District for summer 2016. The project cost is estimated at more than $1.5 million.

Popular singer Maureen McGovern will perform two benefit concerts at Nighttown on Friday, June 26, at 6 and 8 p.m., to help raise funds for the project. McGovern is best known for her number-one record, “The Morning After,” which won an Oscar (it was in the movie "The Poseidon Adventure"). 

McGovern received Grammy nominations in 1973, for Best New Artist, and 1998, for Best Traditional Pop Vocal for her album The Pleasure of His Company. She was also a featured guest artist on the Grammy–winning album Songs from the Neighborhood: The Music of Mister Rogers. Other hits include “Can You Read My Mind” from the movie "Superman," the Oscar-winning “We May Never Love Like This Again” from "Towering Inferno" and “Different Worlds” from the TV series "Angie."

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:57 PM, 05.28.2015

Motorcars is named Green Energy business of the year

Green Energy of Ohio has recognized Motorcars Honda’s sustainability efforts by selecting it for the 2015 Business of the Year Award at its annual meeting in May.

This year, Motorcars installed a state-of-the-art 335 kilowatt solar canopy system, the largest single-structure solar array in the state of Ohio, at its facility at 2953 Mayfield Road. Trevor Gile, general manager of Motorcars Honda, said that the goal is energy independence: “Our solar panels will reduce our carbon footprint by the equivalent of 10 years’ worth of new car sales.”

Gile added that the solar panels will produce more than three megawatt hours of electricity per day and reduce the dealership’s grid-based energy needs by 50 to 75 percent.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:54 PM, 05.28.2015

How to explore potential market demand for your business idea

The Heights brims with entrepreneurial activity. Whether you’re a startup or established business with an idea for a new venture, most entrepreneurs will quickly face this question, “Who will buy my product?”

If you’re not already familiar with lean or agile development approaches, you can get the gist via some online reading. The basic idea is to quickly explore and develop market demand while refining your idea. Don’t reach deep into your pockets or fund a big, long-term development process at this point. Take fast, low-cost steps instead.

Agile development works for consumer and business audiences and all industries. It applies to healthcare, financial services, hospitality, industrial goods and consumer products. Here’s an agile way to get started with your idea:

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:52 PM, 05.28.2015

CH artist's exhibition showcases 3-D works in paper

Bell Bottoms, by Julianne Edberg.

Many of Cleveland Heights artist Julianne Edberg's works of art involve imaginitive uses of paper. A weaver, quilter, bookbinder and book creator, fashion designer, seamstress and graphic designer, Edberg invented a technique of tying together paper tiles to create three-dimensional objects. Her work will be on view at the Howson Gallery at Judson paper in an exhibition titled “The Sum of Its Parts: Collages and Sculptures by Julianne Edberg," May 22 through July 8. A reception with the artist will take place Friday, May 22, 2015 at 4:30 p.m.

Edberg received a B.F.A. with a major in weaving from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and worked for many years as a graphic designer at Cuyahoga Community College.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:36 PM, 05.28.2015

Heights Arts presents collaborative exhibit and music in June

Before-and-after photos of the St. Baldrick's Foundation head-shaving fundraiser in March will be the focus of a one-day exhibition on June 14.

A celebration of a band of dads, baldness and our cultural roots are on tap at Heights Arts this month.

On June 6, at 7 p.m., the DadBand will perform a free concert of classical, pop, jazz, folk, Latin, and children’s songs at the Heights Arts Lee Road gallery. DadBand is a quartet of performers and teachers—all dads—who live and work in the Cleveland area. Members Dan Heim and James Rhodes play viola, and Derek Snyder and Nick Diodore play cello. Each has performed in concerts throughout the United States and Europe. Their choice of music is frequently inspired by their children and students, which creates a compelling experience for all ages.

In collaboration with The St. Baldrick's Foundation and Lake Erie Ink, Heights Arts will exhibit sensitive creative writing pieces and portraits of Heights residents who "braved the shave" at this year's March 15 St. Baldrick's Foundation fundraiser. The photos will show participants both before and after the shave.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:33 PM, 05.28.2015

Klez from Kleveland music plays at Cain Park

Yiddishe Cup (from left): Steve Ostrow, Irwin Weinberger, Tamar Gray, Don Friedman, Bert Stratton, Alan Douglass, Alice Stratton.  (Photo by Shane Wynn)

Yiddishe Cup, the Cleveland Heights-based klezmer band, mixes soul music with klezmer at the 37th annual Workmen’s Circle Concert in the Park on Sunday, June 28, 7 p.m., at Cain Park’s Evans Amphitheater. Admission is free; tickets are not necessary.

Two years ago, Yiddishe Cup first collaborated with soul singer Tamar Gray of Cleveland Heights. Gray is the vocal music teacher at Fairfax Elementary School. At Cain Park, the band will debut a mash-up of “Tradition” from "Fiddler on the Roof" and the Temptations’ “Ball of Confusion.” 

In her youth, Gray belonged to the Worldwide Church of God, a Christian denomination that adhered closely to the Hebrew Bible. Church members fasted on Yom Kippur and celebrated Succoth (the Festival of Booths). Gray currently is the assistant pastor at Edgehill Community Church on Euclid Heights Boulevard.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:43 PM, 05.28.2015

Western Reserve Chorale performs in CH June 7

The Western Reserve Chorale in concert in March 2015.

The Western Reserve Chorale presents Back to the Bard - For Love of Shakespeare, Act II as its spring concert this season. Artistic Director David W. Gilson will lead the vocal ensemble at two venues: Grace Lutheran Church, 13001 Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights, on Sunday, June 7, 7 p.m.; and Federated Church, 76 Bell Street, Chagrin Falls, on Tuesday, June 9, 7:30 p.m.

Back to the Bard - For Love of Shakespeare, Act II is a follow-up to WRC's For Love of Shakespeare concert in 2013, which was enthusiastically received by the chorale's audiences. This time the playlist features compositional stylings of John Rutter, Rene Clausen, George Shearing, Matthew Harris, Ned Rorem and others.

Come hear the different approaches these composers have used to infuse meanings with musical underpinnings. Some stay truer to the original Elizabethan-age styles, while others use more contemporary musical approaches, enabling the text to relate more easily to the present time.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:40 PM, 05.28.2015

Summer reading explores heroes and legends

Children are often asked to think about who their hero is—someone who inspires them to learn more, work harder or be a better person. Adults? Not so much. Maybe adults are busy trying to be someone’s hero, but it’s useful at all ages to have someone to inspire us.

This summer, people of all ages are invited to think about what it means to be a hero through the Heroes and Legends summer reading programs at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library. The programs will explore heroes through films, books, games, discussions, explorations, roaming the wonders of history, admiring the beauties of art, sparking the imagination, and going on quests big and small, across the globe and right here at home.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:29 PM, 05.28.2015

What's going on at your library?

With summer reading programs offered at all four Heights Libraries branches—and with programs for all ages—there’s no excuse for being bored this summer. Here are some June program highlights:

Coventry Village Library
1925 Coventry Road, 216-321-3400

Thursday, June 25, 6 p.m.

Game Night for Grown-ups. Unleash your inner game master and test your wits against your friends' in a night of adventure and mystery. Play old favorites like Settlers of Catan, try something new, or bring your own favorite board games and expansions. A featured game will be Betrayal at House on the Hill.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:27 PM, 05.28.2015

Heights High musicians select colleges and majors

Some of the Heights High students who plan to study music in college (from left): Arsean Cox, Ian Bartz, Mason Spencer, Eli Kauffman, Celia van den Bogert, Maya Fields and Ann Zicari.

This year's graduates of Cleveland Heights High School will be attending some of the nation’s best music schools in the fall. 

Heights High's outstanding music students were well-prepared for the competitive auditions that secured the coveted spots. Through the high school's music program, students perform a challenging repertoire and are provided with opportunities to play in the school’s orchestras, bands, jazz ensembles and small chamber groups. 

The following 2015 graduates have plans to major in music performance or composition: Maya Fields at Eastman School of Music, Eli Kauffman at University of Pittsburgh, Mason Spencer at Indiana University Bloomington, Celia van den Bogert at University of Michigan, and Ann Zicari at Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. Ian Bartz and Arsean Cox plan to minor in music.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:25 PM, 05.28.2015

Retiring special education coordinator honored

Holly Munoz

Holly Munoz, coordinator of special education for the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District, was honored on May 15 for her accomplishments in working with students with disabilities and special needs. 

Jeff Johnston, director of student services for the CH-UH district, nominated Munoz for the Outstanding Educator Achievement Award, bestowed by the Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County (ESC-CC) and State Support Team Region 3.

“Dr. Munoz is most deserving of this prestigious award. Her passion for serving students with disabilities inspires me every day,” said Johnston. “She is an energetic leader with a deep knowledge of instructional practice. She is fearless when it comes to making changes and adapting our educational programs to fit the needs of our students. As she approaches her retirement in June, I can think of no better way to recognize her remarkable career.”

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:23 PM, 05.28.2015

Heights High ceremony honors past, looks to the future

Heights High alumnus Evelyn Marrone (’36) helps bury the time capsule.

The Heights High farewell ceremony and groundbreaking on May 12 brought together alumni, current students, families, community members and staff to honor the school’s history and look forward to a bright future. The future of Heights High includes a renovated building at the current site, with construction to begin this June.

The ceremony included a welcome by Superintendent Talisa L. Dixon, and comments by Dennis Wilcox, Cleveland Heights mayor; Zoraba Ross, principal; Eric Silverman, board of education member and alumni foundation president; and Gary Balog, lead architect.

Will Pritts, a Heights High junior, introduced the video he produced, featuring interviews with alumni, and historic photos and film clips.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 6:20 PM, 05.28.2015

Jewish Secular Community offers bar and bat mitzvah class

The Jewish Secular Community of Cleveland invites interfaith, humanistic and secular Jewish families to attend an open house on June 14 to learn more about the bar and bat mitzvah class being offered this fall.

The goal of the program is to connect b’nai mitzvah candidates—children ages 11½ to 14—to the 3,500-year-old traditions of Judaism, the history of Israel, and the vast array of Jewish activities and community services in Greater Cleveland, all presented in a nontheistic, humanistic manner.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 4:10 PM, 05.28.2015

Master theologian to speak at Forest Hill Presbyterian Church

Dr. Walter Brueggemann

Well-known theologian, author and preacher Walter Brueggemann will speak at Forest Hill Presbyterian Church on Sunday, June 14. He will teach a Bible study class at 9:30 a.m. and preach at the 11 a.m. worship service.

At 2 p.m., Brueggemann will discuss the economics of extraction, or wealth inequality. As he explains, both biblical and present-day economic powers thrive by extracting wealth from the vulnerable and transferring it to a powerful elite. The result is a concentration of wealth in the hands of a few at the expense of the many.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 4:08 PM, 05.28.2015

Healthy eating on a budget

Healthy eating is important for maintaining good physical health at all stages of life. However, healthy fresh foods can often cost more than less-healthy processed foods. The following tips can help stretch your healthy eating budget.

Shopping at farmers markets can be less expensive than the grocery store. Locally grown seasonal produce is often cheaper than produce shipped from out-of-state farms. Many farm stands will also offer discounts toward the end of the day, so plan to shop during the last hour of the market.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 4:07 PM, 05.28.2015

Housing Court judge to speak at HRRC annual meeting

Judge Raymond L. Pianka. Photo courtesy HRRC.

Judge Raymond L. Pianka of the Cleveland Housing Court will be the keynote speaker at the Home Repair Resource Center (HRRC) annual meeting, to be held on Thursday, June 18, at 7 p.m. The topic of his presentation will be, "Digging Out of the Housing Crisis: The Power of Education and Prevention."

Innovative programs developed by the Cleveland Housing Court, often cited as best practices throughout the country, were implemented to obtain compliance with the city's building, housing and health codes, and work to preserve Cleveland and its neighborhoods. The New York Times magazine noted the court’s increased role in the city’s housing crisis when it said, “No one foresaw that this lowliest of courts would become one of the most powerful instruments in the city’s fight for survival.”

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 4:01 PM, 05.28.2015

Rev. Cherry installed as UUSC minister

Reverend Joseph Cherry

An international assembly of Unitarian Universalist (UU) ministers and interfaith representatives gathered with community members and congregants on April 19 to ceremonially install Reverend Joseph M. Cherry as the Unitarian Universalist Society of Cleveland's (UUSC) official minister.

In May 2014, the UUSC congregation chose Cherry to lead them. Asked then to define his ministerial mission, Cherry said, "I'm a minister in a worldwide and lifesaving faith. Part of our mission is to say that persons can be unsure. You can say you do or don't believe in this or that God, and that's OK. It's to say that, at this moment, you are OK as you are and don't need saving or redemption. At the same time we are all capable of spiritual growth."

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 3:56 PM, 05.28.2015

Cedar Fairmount businesses honored

The City of Cleveland Heights presented businesses with longtime locations in the Cedar Fairmount Business District with proclamations honoring their longevity at an event held at Nighttown on May 10. Businesses and professionals who were honored are: Bridgestone Firestone, 85 years; Cedar Hill Sunoco, 82 years; Nighttown restaurant, 50 years; Cedar Hill Antiques, 45 years; Blatchford Architects, 42 years; Appletree Books, 40 years; Dr. James Bashaw, 40 years; Dr. Javier Galvez, 38 years; Pete Axelrod, 37 years; India Community Center, 37 years; Jack Valancy Consulting, 35 years; Mad Greek restaurant, 34 years; Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, 32 years; Dr. Maureen Krieck, 31 years; Reflections, 30 years; Abstract Hair Salon, 30 years; JPMorgan Chase Bank, 27 years; Stan Harris Insurance, 27 years; Roth Stanley & Associates Therapy Practice, 27 years; and Dr. Terry Tobias, 25 years.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 10:53 AM, 05.26.2015

Coventry announces summer lineup of events

Numerous free events will be taking place along Coventry Road this summer, including movie showings on Thursdays and Fridays, and live music on Saturdays. Other special events include Skateboarding Saturday, a pop-up pinball party and a sidewalk sale.

The second annual Coventry Village Bike Tune-up Day will take place on Saturday, May 30, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the outdoor Coventry CourtYard, located on the northwest corner of Coventry Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard. 

Bicycle mechanics and trained volunteers will be on hand to provide free bicycle safety inspections and make minor repairs.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 10:16 AM, 05.26.2015

Free Bike Tune-up Day set for May 30 in Coventry Village

Bike Tune-up Day takes place May 30.

The Coventry Village Special Improvement District, along with the Heights Bicycle Coalition and Hirobal—a local company that designs and creates innovative cycling components—want to help get your bicycle ready for a summer of safe and fun riding.

The second annual Coventry Village Bike Tune-up Day will take place on Saturday, May 30, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the outdoor Coventry CourtYard, located on the northwest corner of Coventry Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard. 

Bicycle mechanics and trained volunteers will be on hand to provide free bicycle safety inspections and make minor repairs.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 10:06 AM, 05.26.2015

Cain Park Residents Day is May 23

The Beach Boys perform this summer at Cain Park.

Cleveland Heights residents have a one-day opportunity to purchase prime seats for Cain Park's 2015 season on Residents Day, Saturday, May 23, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Only Cleveland Heights residents can purchase tickets on Residents Day, and they must present proof of residency (a driver's license and two pieces of mail addressed to them, or a driver's license and current Cleveland Heights recreation ID). A special 15-percent discount applies to tickets purchased for five or more shows.

Residents must purchase tickets in person at the Cain Park ticket office to receive this offer. For specific details on how to purchase tickets, visit the Cain Park website,

This summer's lineup includes the Beach Boys, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Livingston Taylor and Esperanza Spalding, as well as local favorite Apollo's Fire Baroque Orchestra, and a performance by national dance troupe Parsons Dance, co-presented by DanceCleveland. Once again, the park will offer a variety of free events throughout the summer, and will also present the Cain Park Arts Festival the weekend of July 10.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 11:25 AM, 05.19.2015

Call for Cleveland artists to participate in special Heights Arts 'Cleveland Culinaria' exhibition

Heights Arts is accepting submissions from artists in all media for participation in the upcoming special exhibition At Table: Cleveland Culinaria, which will open in March 2016 at the Heights Arts Gallery.  

Selected visual artists will be grouped into creative teams with some of Cleveland’s most inspired culinary artists to design and create an innovative tablescape and surrounding environment that addresses the art of food and community.

The “Culinaria” will act as creative directors for the groups, each of which will have an approximately 10’x10’ space in the Heights Arts Gallery to transform for the exhibition. The complete environment will include original table settings and linens for four, along with photographs, drawings, prints or paintings related to the theme, as well as any other artist wares which the group designs for their environment.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 11:42 AM, 05.18.2015

Heights High Flea to benefit Class of 2016

The junior class at Cleveland Heights High School will host a flea market on June 6, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Monticello Middle School, 3665 Monticello Blvd. Vendors will sell items that include hand-crafted jewelry, antiques, vintage clothing, furniture and salvage, collectibles, baked goods and much more. 

The parents and students in the class of 2016 are raising funds for their senior prom, after-prom party and other senior class activities.

For more information or to reserve a vendor space, contact Valerie Moreland, at or 216-316-7272.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 11:14 AM, 05.18.2015

CH-UH athletic director Hughes accepts position at alma mater Smith College

CH-UH Athletic Director Kristin Hughes has accepted a position at Smith College.

Kristin Hughes, the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District’s director of athletics, is resigning to accept the position of Director of Athletics for Smith College in Northampton, Mass. Hughes received her Master of Science in exercise and sports studies from Smith, and will be returning to her alma mater to oversee the college’s athletics program, beginning in July.  

“This has been a very difficult decision,” said Hughes. “The CH-UH school district means so much to me. It has been an ideal home and community for me and my family, and I truly cherish the people I have been so fortunate to work with. The professionals in our Heights schools have motivated me to work hard and raise the bar for our athletes. Tiger Nation is a very special place. I knew that it would take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make me even consider leaving, but that’s what has come about. I am very excited about the challenges that await me at Smith College, but I will always have a special place in my heart for the students, staff, families and residents of Tiger Nation.”

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 3:18 PM, 05.16.2015

Roxboro Middle named IB World School

Roxboro Middle School in Cleveland Heights.

Roxboro Middle School has been authorized to become an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School for the three-year Middle Years Programme (MYP).

The IB program, which is implemented in more than 4,000 schools worldwide, emphasizes rigorous study and a focus on providing relevance within a global context. The MYP curriculum includes eight subject groups, encouraging students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. There are currently 544 schools in the U.S. that offer the IB MYP.

“We are thrilled to become an authorized IB World School. The IB distinction will provide our capable staff with the tools necessary to teach students to one day become caring, thoughtful leaders in the Heights community and out in the world,” said Patrick McNichols, Roxboro Middle School principal.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 3:18 PM, 05.16.2015

HRRC offers encore presentation on window replacement May 18

One hears ads for new windows all the time. Window suppliers tempt homeowners with promises of dramatically reduced heating costs or “new, low prices” on their products.

How do you determine whether replacing all of your windows is a good investment? While it may make sense to replace an individual window unit, there are usually more effective strategies you can take to reduce energy usage—and many of them are far less expensive.

Home Repair Resource Center (HRRC), the Cleveland Heights nonprofit, has scheduled a repeat presentation of “New Windows? Maybe Not. . . .” to help homeowners better understand their choices.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 11:27 AM, 05.15.2015

CH's Jonathon Sawyer wins best chef award

Jonathon Sawyer, winner of the 2015 James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Great Lakes Region.

Cleveland Heights resident Jonathon Sawyer has won the 2015 James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Great Lakes Region (Ill., Ind., Mich. and Ohio). Sawyer won for his work at his restaurant The Greenhouse Tavern, on East Fourth Street in downtown Cleveland.

The James Beard Foundation awards are considered the Oscars of the food world. They comprise scores of categories—from food writing and broadcasting to awards for restaurant design and best chefs in 10 regions.

Sawyer said he was honored to win. “It was really nice to have your mentors and peers validate you and tell you that you are doing the right thing and headed down the right path,” Sawyer said.

The award ceremony took place on May 4 at the Civic Opera House in Chicago, and Sawyer attended with his wife, Amelia, and 10 members of the Greenhouse staff. All of the other finalists in the Best Chef Great Lakes category were from the Chicago area.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 12:35 PM, 05.12.2015

Heights High senior Alice Janigro wins 11th District Congressional Art Competition

Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge presents the 2015 Congressional Art Competition Best in Show award to Alice Janigro of Cleveland Heights High School on May 3, 2015 (Photo Credit: Office of Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge).

Alice Janigro, a senior at Cleveland Heights High School, won Best in Show in the 11th Congressional District’s 2015 Congressional Art Competition. Janigro’s artwork, titled New Zealand Landscape, also took the top prize in the Mixed Media category at the awards ceremony held on Sunday, May 3, at the Memorial-Nottingham Branch of Cleveland Public Library. 

As the grand prize winner, Janigro will have her artwork displayed in the Cannon Tunnel leading to the U.S. Capitol for one year. She and other congressional district winners from across the country will also have the opportunity to attend a reception in Washington, D.C., in their honor.

Local high school students submitted more than 110 works of art in seven categories to the competition: mixed media, painting, printmaking, computer-generated artwork, drawing, photography, and best in show. Five art professionals from the 11th District served as judges.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 9:36 AM, 05.06.2015

Annual exhibition of work by Beaumont art students opens May 7 with public reception

Artwork by Genevieve Wagner, class of 2017.

Beaumont School’s unique studio art program is an intensive curriculum that spans all four years of a student’s time at Beaumont. In a year-end review, students accepted to this rigorous art-intensive curriculum, as well as students enrolled in art course electives, have an opportunity to display their work.

Beaumont School will hold an opening reception for its annual Fine and Applied Arts Review on Thursday, May 7, 6–9 p.m. at the school’s campus at 3301 North Park Blvd. in Cleveland Heights. The reception is free and open to the public. Student artwork will remain on display through Friday, May 15.

Students in the class of 2015 who are graduating from the studio art program will be show their final thesis work in the Trenkamp Gallery, located in Beaumont’s foyer.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 10:46 AM, 05.05.2015

UH photo studio will donate portion of Mother’s Day portrait proceeds to Operation Smile

A portrait by Aharon Denton Photography.

Aharon Denton Photography of University Heights is celebrating children’s smiles this Mother's Day with a one-day portrait event to benefit Operation Smile.

On Sunday, May 10, the studio will donate every session fee and 5 percent of each order to Operation Smile—an international children's medical charity that performs safe, effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery, and delivers postoperative and ongoing medical therapies to children in low- and middle-income countries.

Since 1982, Operation Smile—through the help of dedicated medical volunteers—has provided 220,000 free surgical procedures for children and young adults. For every $240 donated to Operation Smile, one child can be helped.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 9:40 AM, 05.05.2015

Mayor provides May 5 voting information for UH residents

Many University Heights residents have contacted city hall with questions about their polling location for Election Day voting on Tuesday, May 5. University Heights has three polling locations that will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m:

  • John Carroll University, Dolan Science Building Reading Room. Enter the campus at the guardhouse gate nearest Fairmount Circle, at the intersection of John Carroll and Carroll boulevards. Parking is plentiful; follow the signs to access the voting location.
  • Gearity Elementary School, 2323 Wrenford Road. Parking is available in the parking lots, on Groveland Road and on University Parkway.
  • University Heights Library, 13866 Cedar Road. Parking is available in the parking lot and on Fenwick Road.

If you are unsure where to vote, visit the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website at and click on the Where Do I Vote link.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 9:28 AM, 05.04.2015

Plans are underway for 14th annual Discover Cedar Fairmount Festival

The Euclid Beach Rocket Car at the 2014 Discover Cedar Fairmount Festival.

Plans are progressing for the 14th annual Discover Cedar Fairmount Festival, to be held on Sunday, Aug. 9, from noon to 5 p.m. The festival committee has added more entertainment and venues this year.

The ever-popular Arts and Crafts Sale, featuring space for local artists, crafters and vendors to sell their work, will be located on Lennox and Surrey roads, and in the Zoss the Swiss Baker’s parking lot.

Returning entertainers lined up so far for this year include Eclectic Vision and Get Back Duo. The festival committee is adding a stage this year, to highlight some of the entertainment, and is still seeking entertainers and musicians for this year’s festival.

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Volume 8, Issue 5, Posted 4:36 PM, 04.30.2015